Yes, critical times hard to deal with are here! Especially when you mention meal prep in the same sentence with Coronavirus! OMG!!

With restaurants closing and other lockdowns, there is much anxiety over meal prep.  People are on edge at the grocery stores, fighting over products and worried about limited food sources.

As a Personal Chef, I want to allay any meal prep fears.  I am strictly following all guidelines for hand washing and sanitizing the kitchen area before preparing your meals.  In addition to keeping myself in good health, I’m taking extra measures for safer cooking of your meals.

If meal delivery or take-out isn’t an option, I am happy to prepare meals for your family (which includes grocery shopping!).  If you are hesitant about having me cook in your home, I can cook enough on one visit to last you anywhere between 2 weeks and a month or more! Provided you have space in your fridge and/or freezer to store meals!  This will minimize the time I have to spend cooking in your home.

If you only need grocery shopping done, I am happy to provide that service to you as well, since I’m in the grocery store every day. This will help you avoid exposing yourself to the public (pun intended). I can leave your groceries outside your door for you to pick up at your convenience.  Let me know how I can help!

Good health to you all!

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