Bowls of food

Everyone Deserves a Summer Break with Summer Servings

The kids are out of school for summer, and they are driving you crazy!

What’s for lunch?

I’m hungry!

There is nothing to eat in the kitchen!

What are YOU cooking?

Can we get fast food?!

When summer break begins, there are a whole new set of demands on parents’ time. With school out, you are left trying to figure out how to keep your family full, healthy, and happy.  Your day is filled with running out for groceries, ordering fast food, or simply cooking. For this reason, we created…Summer Servings. In addition to the tasks you already have on your list, from working your 9 to 5 or running your business and so much more, who has time to figure out the “all you can eat” buffet that your kitchen becomes in the summer.

Summer Servings is a specially designed personal chef service that focuses on your needs as a family during June, July, and August months. The portions and menus are created with you and your family in mind. Delishes Dishes is focused on making a full house an enjoyable experience for everyone. Why should the kids be the only ones to get a “break”?! Parents need one too and this is our way of giving you that little break.

In this limited time service, we create healthy dishes and snacks that will keep the bellies full while giving you the energy and sustenance that you and your family need for your summer activities. In addition to being created just for the summer, it also has special summer pricing! Visit our Summer Specials page take advantage of our summer deal.

We can’t make school come back in session earlier, but we can definitely take meal preparation off your To Do list! Call us today! Enjoy the Summer! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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