About Us

The mission of Delishes Dishes is to create a sense of peace in a hectic world through our private chef services and catering, by reconnecting families back to the table for meal sharing and real conversation.

My culinary journey began when I was a pre-teen, growing up on the West Coast and watching the Julia Child cooking show.  I was amazed at how simple ingredients became gourmet meals. I wanted to cook like that! My parents were both great cooks which further fueled my love for cooking.   My most precious memory is of my mom in the kitchen preparing her famous “fish dish”. This was a crab-stuffed flounder that had a cream sauce and topped with Swiss cheese.  I can visualize her now mixing the crab meat with chopped mushrooms and other ingredients, then stuffing the flounder, rolling it, topping it with sauce and cheese, then baking it.   My three siblings and I waited in anticipation for it to finish cooking so we could eat it! Eventually, I was preparing the family meals.  Years later, I decided to further my passion for cooking and enrolled in culinary school.  I was like a kid in a candy store!  I absorbed every moment of my culinary training.  Thus, my mission encompasses helping individuals and families to enjoy the same wholesome and satisfying meals that I grew up eating.

The growth of business has moved me to step into the role of Executive Chef so that I can manage my team as we meet the needs of our growing clientele. Oklahoma has been my home since 2007. A year later, I’ve had the pleasure of offering my personal chef services and caterings for wonderful people. I enjoy travel, meeting new people, trying new things and expanding my culinary creativity.

Chef Daphne K. Doyne, Executive Chef & Owner 

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