Back to School with Sheet Pan Meals

It’s back to school season and the one thing you probably don’t have time for is making a meal. We’ve got you covered with sheet pan meals! No fuss, no muss, and definitely no spending hours slaving away in the kitchen to provide your family with a deliciously, healthy meal. Not just for dinner, sheet pan meals can use traditional breakfast staples such as eggs and bacon IN A SHEET PAN!

Sheet pan meals are a quick, easy, and healthy way to prepare a meal for your family without all of the stress. Sheet pan meals usually include one pan, a variety of vegetables, and/or a protein. With a bit of olive oil and a hot oven, dinner could hit the table in as quick as 15 mins. Here is a recipe to try. And you can’t beat it…just 3 steps to the entire recipe!!

Image of chicken and vegetable sheet pan dinner
1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2. Grab a bowl or bag and toss the chicken and vegetables with olive oil and your preference of seasonings (we prefer Italian seasoning 😊).

3. Spread chicken and vegetables in one layer on a sheet pan and roast at for 15-20 minutes, ensuring the chicken is cooked through thoroughly. (If you are including potatoes, give them about a 10 minute head start in the over.)

Here are our top three tips for making successful sheet pan dishes:

1. Make sure your ingredients are spread out evenly across the sheet pan so that they can cook evenly.
2. Don’t worry if your food looks like it might be dry, just cover it in foil or a lid and it’ll steam itself into tenderness!
3. Don’t forget you can be versatile with what you serve your sheet pan meal with from pasta to rice etc.

If you think sheet pan meals are awesome, but there is still a bit too much on the to do list, we can manage your meals while you manage your family! Call us today to get started with the Delishes Dishes Personal Chef Service! We also have Freezer Meals available. This service provides you with our delish dishes pre-cooked, packaged, and ready for the freezer. When you are ready for the meal, simply follow the provided instructions to heat the meal and serve it up! We can’t wait to hear from you!


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