Cruise and Lose?

I knew I was going on a cruise for a year.  We had planned it down to the minute.  I was traveling with family and friends, and we expected to have a blast.  However, about a month before the cruise, I began to have anxiety attacks and bad dreams.  Why?  Because I had been trying diligently to stay on a healthy eating regime.  I just worried that I couldn’t cruise and lose!  I felt I had to make a choice. Or was it possible that I could Cruise and Lose?

When I got on the ship, the first thing they said was the rooms weren’t ready, so go up to the Lido Deck and enjoy the buffet.  Was I up to the challenge?  I walked out the elevator and was greeted by Guy Fieri’s Burgers.  They were spitting those burgers out faster than a factory assembly line.  They had ten choices.  I went with the regular – cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onion.  I thought I was doing good.  Then they put the fries on the plate.  At this point, I decided I couldn’t cruise and lose, so I would just maintain.  After all, I would be doing a lot of walking.

Well, while I was walking the next day, I stumbled across this dessert and milk shake joint tucked away in a corner of the ship.  I tried to ignore it, but a chocolate caramel milk shake kept calling my name… “Bea! Bea!”  Obviously, I had to quiet that voice and have a milk shake.  That was the start of moving passed maintaining to gaining!

By the time the cruise was over, I was tired of looking at food.  I had tried every type of food they had on the boat…  Asian, Italian, Seafood, Barbecue, homestyle American, Pizza and Sushi.  I didn’t even get mad at myself because I was on vacation and I paid for that food.  Did I Cruise and Lose – No.  However, the water and islands were warm and beautiful, and the family and friends were loving.  This made me Cruise and Win.


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