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Food As Medicine

Our overall health is greatly affected by the foods that we eat and our general approach to nutrition. Defining an eating lifestyle that is maintainable and enjoyable is the key to utilizing food to heal our body’s ailments. Inversely, consuming the wrong foods can create an imbalance within the body. Healing through food, or culinary medicine, can be used to alleviate the effects of certain diseases and disorders while also rejuvenating the body and increasing energy.

The journey to a sustainable nutrition plan does not have to be difficult. Our team at Delishes Dishes will walk with you step by step to align you with the appropriate foods to support your lifestyle goals. If you are ready to start, give us a call for your complimentary consultation.

Metabolic Food Healing Program

This program allows you to sit down with Gwyn Davis, a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Food Healing Instructor, to share your current lifestyle, health, and nutritional goals. The outcome from this consultation provides you with a customized menu plan that selects foods focused on improving your metabolism and healing your body. As a part of this program, Chef Daphne has partnered with Gwyn to provide meal preparation services to aid participants in their achieving success. Click the button to begin.