Cooking Classes

cooking classes

Chef Daphne can teach you how!

Have you ever wanted to learn from a professional chef? You, yes you, can have an amazing experience learning how to cook anything from homemade bread to sushi!  How to cook the perfect steak! The best salmon ever! Or maybe risotto!

Let us know what you would like to learn to cook and we’ll customize a session just for you!

Our classes

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baking classes

Woman cutting chicken fillet at cooking classes

girls cooking

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group cooking

Session Cost

$ 200
Per Person
  • 1 Person
$ 175
Per Person
  • 2 Persons
$ 125
Per Person
  • 1-4 Persons
$ 100
Per Person
  • 5-8 Persons
Additional persons will require hiring more helpers at an hourly rate.
Class time  2 to 3 hours, maybe a little longer with more than 4 persons.
Food cost not included in pricing.