About Chef Daphne

Our Core Values:
| Treat everyone with respect even if you disagree with their viewpoint.
| Display a positive attitude at all times especially when challenged.
| Motivate and Inspire others.
| Trust that you can do it.
| Make your best better.
| Believe that there is always a solution.

My culinary journey began when I was a pre-teen, growing up on the West Coast and watching the Julia Child cooking show.  I was amazed at how simple ingredients became gourmet meals. I wanted to cook like that!  My parents were both great cooks and eventually, I was preparing the family meals.  Years later, I decided to further my passion for cooking and enrolled in culinary school.  One of the best decisions ever!

I have recently stepped into the role of Executive Chef so that I can manage my team as we meet the needs of our growing clientele.  Oklahoma has been my home since 2007 and I’ve had the pleasure of preparing various cuisines and caterings for wonderful people, since 2008.  I enjoy travel, attending local events, and eating at various restaurants throughout the metro. 

Chef Daphne K. DoyneExecutive Chef & Owner 

The mission of Delishes Dishes is to create a sense of peace in a hectic world through our personal chef services and catering, by reconnecting families back to the table for meal sharing and real conversation.