Beyond the Bowl: Cooking with Lettuce

It is time to think beyond the bowl and open your mind up to the possibilities of cooking with lettuce! For most people, lettuce is usually seen as the base ingredient of the traditional salad. But do not sleep on lettuce because there are several options!

Lettuce is a very versatile vegetable that has plenty of nutrients to share. It is high in antioxidants and a good source of Vitamin K which helps strengthen bones. Lettuce can be the star of the dinner table or bring it on home as the perfect side dish. Shred and add to your favorite soup for texture and a nutritious boost. Toss in a pan and crisp it up for a great dish to fulfil your craving for something hot and crunchy. With summer quickly approaching, another option is to grill it! Half up a head of lettuce and toss it on the grill. Melt cheese over it and enjoy with the rest of your grilled feast.

Next time you grab a head of lettuce, make a plan to cook with it. If you are still nervous about introducing your leafy greens to the pan, check out our step by step video below to cook this delish dish with Chef Daphne. When you are ready to make this quick dish, take a pic and share it with us. We love to see your creations! Also, if this leaves you wanting more, consider joining us for our Cooking Classes offering. We’d love to cook with you!


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